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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  August 22, 2013 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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hello, everybody. i'm breaeth troutman. if you've been searching the web for the best videos, look no further, we've got the best ones here, "right this minute." brave drivers try to corner -- >> a raging bull. >> a whole new meaning to hitting the horn. a gritty new series takes a look at being -- >> pregnant behind bars. >> hear what it's like to be with 20 other pregnant women in jail. >> 20 pregnant women in my room is just not what it is. it may look like a special
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effects out of a horror move. >> i what's behind one spooky fog bank. and he makes the jump but can he stick it? >> oh! tat first it looks like a cr accident but it's caused by a raging bull. the cars were trying to block in a bull that escaped from a nearby event. the bull not liking the idea of trying to be pinned in by some cars. a couple of brave guys get out and try to wrangle this bull with a flag or something. this guy jumps back up on the car because the bull is now running amok. >> this is like an impromptu running of the bulls bullfight combo on the freeway. >> the dude trying to wrinkle him looks like he was trying to do it with an the raging bull o freeway. >> it is big, pissed off, and
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strong. you hear the splamashing of the car. >> what is that like? >> i wrecked my car. >> well, yeah, but because of a bull. >> no word how they finally captured this bull. the video ends right there. as you hear the glass breaking in the car. >> is that the point where they drop the phone and thought, let's get the heck out of here? >> i don't know. but the upcoming movie bullnado should be a hit."bullnado" shou. usually considered as somewhat fun, i think, to sit on, i guess, but not so much fun for this guy. newest minister, vancouver. apparently this guy was weaving through traffic in front of the vancouver art museum brand dishing a needle and threatening people with it.
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police were called. the commentary from the people filming this up in the window here is funny. >> sewing needle of a hypodermic need needle? >> police think a drug using needle. guy has his shirt off kind of motioning to the police. the people filming this calling for the taser but it's not the taser that's coming out. >> bean bag gun. oh. >> oh. >> yes. the old bean bag gun. non-lethal munition takes this guy down in an instant. that has to hurt. that's actually a .12-gauge shotgun that shoots the bean bag round at him. doesn't have to fire again. according to police, these things shoot at 288 feet per second. and then once he's down, the police jump on this guy. this guy was arrested, as you can see here. as i mentioned, police sergeant does believe that drug or a
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mental healther shoe may have been a factor. a needle not necessarily like a lethal weapon but you never know what could be on this needle. >> oh! pregnancy can be a challenging time for many women. but imagine being pregnant behind bars. >> we got to get up at 5:30 to get breakfast. >> i'm still in my first trimester and i'm hungry. >> i crave for everything that they don't give me. i'm tired of not being able to eat what i want to eat. i'm tired of not being able to sleep when i want to sleep. >> pregnant behind bars is a two-part series focusing on women that are pregnant and currently incarcerated in the cook county jail right outside of chicago, illinois. >> the thing with all these pregnant females is chaotic. with everyone sick and hormones going and personalities. >> there's 15 to 20 women in one room and only two sinks and one
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toilet. we all in the first trimester, so nine times out of ten we're all going through morning sickness, throwing up all over each other. it is just a mess in the morning. >> to tell us more we have one of the women featured in this series. her name is tanya. she joins us via skype "right this minute." first of all, tell us how far along you are. >> i had my baby. he's five months now. i have an 8-year-old daughter,s incarcerated? >> i'm on house arrest. i still have to go to their treatment program. i had a dental assistant job and by me being on house arrest i lost my dental job. so it's like, it's kind of a real tough right now for me. >> talk to me about the extreme challenge it was to go through that second pregnancy in jail. >> it's about 20 of us in one room. and 20 pregnant women in one room is just not what it is. the good thing about it is, the program, they have a lot to offer as far as parenting classes and prenatal classes,
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prenatal care. >> how does this change how you're going to parent your children? >> i changed everything. i did a whole 360. i changed some of my appearances. i changed the way that i act toward people. i have patience now. i have structure, discipline. i put my kids first before anything -- anybody. when i left it was still pregnant women in there that were due and i hope that maybe they are experiencing -- wake up and change their life around like i did. >> would f. you would like to watch "pregnant behind bars" it premiers tonight at 10:00 p.m. on discovery fit and health. ladies, two moments from mother nature that red mind you how powerful and how scary she really can be. the first from viomone. this is a huge landslide caught on camera. watch how much of this earth
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moves. just coming down very, very close to these buildings. >> looks like a big muddy waterfall. >> listen to it. >> you hear the woman screaming in the video for tati. couldn't figure out if tati is a dog or maybe a family member. but in the comments we were able to translate that to tati made it out. that's good. nobody was hurt. if you skip ahead to about three minutes into the video it starts back up and then watch this giant boulder come down the hill. right here. >> oh! >> big giant boulder rolling down. that thing is humongous. >> oh, my gosh. >> you can hear it did crash into something back there because that was a huge piece of rock. >> this is almost armageddon like. what you're looking at is fog
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rolling over the long range mountain over the west coast in canada. >> that looks like the special effect out of a horror movie where the bad aliens are coming to get you. that could be the plot of many a horror movies. a daredevil's jumping on a mission to change for good. >> basically what he's trying to do is get people to pick a day that's sad for them. he hopes to use his daredevil skills to change the hearts and minds of people. >> together we can make this date become a day of joy. a date is changed for good. >> what he wants you to do to be part of a transformation. and that moment on an el a later when things get awkward. see how the king
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only thing to say about andrew hale's prank. awkward. >> hi. >> hi. >> yeah. yeah. >> this is awkward escalator. he gets on the escalator and makes people feel a little awkward by his proximity and some other stuff he does. there's something about those close proximity prinks that works every time. >> yeah, but gosh, that lie between being awkward and is he going to rob me, is he about to
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punch me? you know, i might bow up if andrew got in my face like that. >> sorry. >> he even goes down the up escalator. people are going what? this one really uncomfortable because he goes in for the man hug. and then he tries to pick up on this girl. >> you're hot. >> this is actually kind of a smart move because there's nowhere she can go. at least 20 seconds. >> that's how you want to get a date. >> you want to know what my reaction to those kind of people are, you just look at them back. you justlook at them and then go, oh, i'mso >> he's in vegas. of all the fun he could be having, instead he's riding on an escalator. it's that weird. it's science time. put your thinking cap on. >> put my thinking glasses on. >> i thought they were already on. >> yeah. >> ever heard of a green flash? >> heard of the flash. >> green flash is associated
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with sunsets. and a fella happened to capture the green flash on camera. but to tell us more about the green flash and exactly what we're seeing, we're going to find out from zach. hey, zach. >> hello. >> pretty cool. the green flash is something i've always looked for when watching a sunset. this guy captured it. >> he did because he had his camera hooked up to a telescope. that's important because it's really hard to see with the naked eye. >> what is the green flash? >> it's caused by the atmosphere and then mirage. normally as the sun either sets or rises, actually a green ring along the top half of the sun and the red ring on the bottom half of the sun. this is caused by a refraction as the sun goes through more and more of the atmosphere. there's a mirage that causes a distortion of the image so you see the image in a different place than it should be. you will see that green ring around the sun separate itself off and it seems as if it's floats in the air by itself. that is what the s. the green
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flash. >> as the sun is moving further down the horizon you see the green light coming up and up until it's just a green flash. >> whoa! >> now, i understand that you have a video that has some information that's going to just make us feel plain weird? >> this is coming from buzz feed. it's 13 strange facts that will make you feel weird. the first one is that peanuts are one of the ingredients in dynamite. >> i feel weird about that. >> 23% of the photo copier malfunctions are from people copying their butts. >> how do they find that stat? >> the last one is that lowe's lipstick contains fish scales. >> i feel weird. tuck gets tuckered out. >> this isn't quite right. ♪ >> too tired to watch.
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there are days all over the world that have many sad memories for people but jonathan florez, colombian daredevil and base jumper wants to change that. he started up a fan fuel page to help fund his change for good. >> it's a movement to change all those painful memories into something beautiful. >> basically what he's trying to do is get people to pick a day that's sad for them, record themselves doing something very good, very fun, upload it to his facebook page and honor the people that lost their lives on that sad day. >> towards humanity from the people that were effected by the tsunami in japan, india, people effected by the massacre in norway, and even in the states on 9/11, all the heros. >> raising money on this page to work up to a very large stunt. he's keeping the details kind of secret and he's keeping his date secret, as well. so far he's raised about 10% of
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the funds for his big jump. hope the daredevil skills will change the hearts and minds of people. >> if you have a passion for human flight, if you enjoy watching amazing videos, help us out. together, we can change for good. a lesson in etiquette. how to politely react to your friend's terrible engagement. >> without lying. >> one of the most useful youtube videos ever created. >> what to say if you hate the dude your friend's about to marry. and go for a joyride from the comfort of your seat. >> to see it from this point of view just gives you
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like us on stay in touch all day long. now, back to the show. like a real stand-up guy. >> like a man. >> hands down, i think one of the most useful youtube videos ever created. >> oh, hi. >> i have big news. keith proposed last night.
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we're getting married. >> how to politely react to your friend's terrible engagement, without lying. >> as females we have probably all been there. at least once. >> what you want to say. >> no! no! no! >> he uses the word feminist as an insult. >> his favorite book is "the fat head." you cannot marry a guy whose favorite book is "the fat head." >> here's what you do. >> excitement. >> shut up! ahhhh! >> two, excitingly state the facts. >> you're engaged! >> you're going to be keith's wife and he's going to be your husband! >> you're going to stand in front of your friends and family and say that you want to spend the rest of your life with keith. >> you're making a moral and legal commitment to keith. >> marriage is forever. >> i think i'm going to cry. >> step three. turn into a offensive game and
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stereotype. >> oh, snap. >> girl. >> put a ring on it. >> is that gay man or black man stereotype? i'm confused as to what's going on there. >> if you want to see the rest, go to the tail is connected to the tickle bone. ♪ this is what it look like to be a podium finisher and win 5,000 bucks at joyride, mountain bike freestyle event. this is a point of view from ago
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pro on top of sam's helmet. >> boom. >> there's a big gap. >> there are so many opportunities to face plant on those this things. >> yeah. but he doesn't. >> 360! things. >> yeah. but he doesn't. >> 360!things. >> yeah. but he doesn't. >> 360! >> incredibly fun, clean ride. to see it from this point of view just gives you chills. >> it shows you how hard this sport is it's. >> it's hard to believe this great run still only got him third place. two other guys did more incredible things apparently than sam but he said he's never really done that well at this event before. because of the crowd and the enthu enthusia enthusiasm, spurred him. >> 360.
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>> what a great run. little one is playing some hide and seek with her dad but she's having a problem understanding the hiding part. >> eight, nine, ten. >> her not so secret spot, next. >> what the heck.
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it's summertime. you're on the beach with your friends enjoying the sun, enjoying the surf. >> see this. oh, wow! >> holy cow. that's a huge hover craft. >> that is a huge hover craft. some people call it the bison. >> should it be landing near all these people, though? >> obably not. this is in russia. might explain a little bit. th i military giant hover craft. and according to the russian military they were performing a military practice exercise. they were going from water to execute an amphibious attack. >> does the military exercise
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just to see what people would do when face with a giant bison? >> according to some reports, this is a military-owned beach and that people aren't necessarily supposed to be enjoying the beach time fun on this particular beach. >> we saw this coming. oh. here's one of those crowd pleaser videos. a good fail by jukin' video. this guy set off the set of a "twilight" zone, peddling hard down the sidewalk. makes a big old jump off the stairs. oh! >> makes the jump. lands the jump. >> but doesn't quite stick it. >> he had a rough time because it is still daylight. >> the vampires in the daytime don't miss. >> next video. this guy is working with some wood. that eventually becoming a small ramp. they take their ramp out to the slope but sun valley in idaho. >> that is a piece of costume. >> he is going to try to use that as a jump. but they're doing it backwards. >> oh!
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>> they take the jump on skis down the slope towards the skier and make it go under him to try to make him jump. first time. but watch the second time. oh, back flip. >> he did it! >> and it works. >> surprising. >> i know. >> the skier stanning virtually still. the jump underneath him, kicks him up into a back flip. pretty cool. >> another guy dressed up. did you notice that? it was a ski party. >> i'll count and you hide. one, two, three. >> hide and seek, a past time all children love. and luna is playing with her dad. although she's having a problem understanding the hiding part of hide and seek. >> four, five, six. >> she does go to hide but it's
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where she hides that's the problem. >> seven, eight, nine, ten. >> where is she? >> what the heck is -- >> she knew you had to hide under something but she didn't realize that you needed to hide under something that hides you. >> she thought that she was hidden because she has her head place sod that her eyes are covered so she can't see dad so she's assuming dad can't see her either. >> looks like a rather uncomfortable pose. she's like jamming her eyeballs. >> kids are cute, man. >> where is she? oh. that's our show, everybody. we'll see you fo for the next edition of "right this minute." now at 5:00 p.m. the rim fire near yosemite
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continues to explode in size. information on the homes threatened, the evacuations and the weather conditions. >> her husband is attacked with a pitch fork. >> he said he was going to kill him. >> the request of a neighbor sparked the attack. >> police armed from head to toe raided an apartment building, why they told the people to grab their things and clear out now. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> good evening. i am frank somerville. >> i am heather holmes. governor jerry brown declared state of emergency in the fight against the rim fire. the fire exploded over night. tripling in size as firefighters lost containment. the wildfire has been burning
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since saturday. near yosemite national park. here is the latest. the fire 53,000 acres. and tonight it is only 2% contained. it is 3 miles east of groveland along highway 120. >> this is a satellite image taken today of the area and just to the left there on the upper part of the screen you can see all of the smoke blowing. >> we have team coverage on the developing news tonight. our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> robert handa is live with the latest on the fight against the wildfire. >> reporter: it has been another long day for firefighters and all the people dealing with the rim fire. we are along highway 120. we can show you the rim fire
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that is still devouring trees and brush as it creeps towards yosemite national park. at this hour there is not much success. >> the rim fire continues to burn out of control and officials acknowledge they are losing the fight. as we have been reporting the fire near yosemite national park explode since yesterday, tripping to 53,000 acres. four people who had to relocate to red cross centers the moment they had to leave was obvious. >> there was a big boom and black smoke. going like this. we figured something happened. that is when the calls came out. so i went home and packed up. >> reporter: 2500 homes are threatened by the fire. two homes and 7 buildings have


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